Why Choose a Sunrise Session for Outdoor Photos

Since becoming a photographer and primarily shooting outdoor sessions, I learned the best times to start a session — a few minutes after sunrise or a few hours before sunset. 

Sunrise or sunset sessions are the best times for getting gorgeous lighting that is comfortable for everyone. I recommend these two times for clients planning an outdoor photo session, because it simplifies the planning process.

So, let’s dive into why a sunrise session may be a good choice for you!

The Benefits of a Sunrise Session

Thinking back to my shoots this summer, I realized sunrise sessions were *actually* hidden gems. Why is that?

About 8% of my recent sessions were early in the day, and I started to see a pattern. Each of them had this one thing in common —

There was almost no one else around. It did not matter if we were shooting at a well-known location or not. My clients could enjoy every bit of their session and relax on camera because they didn’t have to worry about crowds. Literally, one of the cheat codes for feeling relaxed on camera was to start earlier!

When are Sunrise Sessions Necessary?

Most clients that work with me are not used to being in front of the camera. Imagine being photographed with people constantly walking around you (sometimes stopping to give compliments, etc.) and cars passing by. Kind of awkward, right?

When planning an outdoor photo session, it is best to avoid crowds if you struggle with feeling comfortable on camera. Crowds tend to be chaotic, create extra stress, and can make you stiffen up more. And the last thing we want is you to lose your confidence for fear of people watching. 

My advice to benefit your photo experience if you struggle on camera, is to avoid crowds altogether! 

In Summary

I’m sure the idea of waking up early for photos makes you roll your eyes, but little changes like timing, helps ensure any location works for your comfort. 

You don’t have to skip over popular locations as backgrounds for your photos. You can make any location work for you without sacrificing your need for feeling comfortable on camera!

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October 18, 2023

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