Sunflower Field: What to Wear

If you were born in Raleigh or now calling the “City of Oaks” home, you’ve probably experienced the sunflower field at Dorothea Dix Park at least once. It is our city’s most “Instagrammable” park during the summer, and did I mention it was FREE?! No wonder we were ranked the #3 best places to live in America! 

Couple, In sunflower field

When to visit the sunflower field?

This summer, the sunflowers are expected to bloom the week of July 10-14 and will be at their peak the next 2-3 weeks following. So, whether you plan to take selfies or schedule a professional photo session, putting together a perfect outfit will make this sunflower field even more unforgettable! 

I’m willing to bet it’s complicated enough for you to decide what to wear when you aren’t planning a photoshoot. As a photographer who’s helped 100+ people find the best outfit(s) for their photo session, I know the little and big things that will save you time and (most importantly) the stress when deciding what to wear! Alright, read through this post for ideas on what to wear, pick your outfits, and have a wonderful time visiting Dorothea Dix Park!

Choosing outfits for photos at the sunflower field can make you feel overwhelmed but don’t panic! We’ve all been there — staring at our closet hoping SOMETHING will pop out. Your frustration is valid. Here’s why: you probably *already* have something in your closet that’ll do the trick but just don’t know how to put it all together. Before you rush online to completely redo your wardrobe, let’s talk about 3 color palettes that photograph well at a sunflower field and how you can pull it off!

Why are colors important?

The colors you wear for photos at a sunflower field are important because: you want what you wear to complement the sunflowers, not distract from it. Neutrals are always recommended and you can add-in other colors, if you like, too!

To find the perfect palette to style your outfit(s) around, start with neutrals (i.e., whites and creams) in your closet and then add statement colors. You can put together an eye-catching outfit by beginning with a neutral, then adding a similar hue (ex: golden yellow next to tan). Explore more ideas below, as well as my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

What colors to wear in a sunflower field?

Outfit Color Suggestion One:

5 color shades, Color palette

A summer-cool palette perfectly blends with any neutral! I recommend styling around these colors if you are taking photos with your family or small kids.

Outfit Color Suggestion Two:

5 color shades, Color palettes

Don’t worry, we’re getting there with colors you may very well have in your closet! This color palette offers more neutrals that you can easily add similar hues to. The best part? A heavy-neutral option is easier to style if you’re crunched for time or limited with what’s in your closet!

Outfit Color Suggestion Three:

5 color shades, Color palettes

We’ve had it all wrong! You don’t have to wear denim on denim for a photoshoot to look nice. I love this color palette because (if you are a fan of denim) you can balance your favorite pair of jeans with colors that’ll make your photos pop!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at how to pair these colors with outfits (you probably have in your closet) on my Pinterest board.

Other things to keep in mind when visiting the Dorothea Dix Sunflower Fields:

• It’s can sometimes be muddy around the fields! I’d recommend wearing shoes you’re okay with getting a little dirty, and be mindful of floor-length dresses or skirts getting dirty, too!

• Add different things to your outfit to create visual interest — examples include different textures (like lace) and accessories (like a floppy derby hat).

• Be mindful that it can be VERY crowded at the sunflower field. Planning ahead for what you’ll wear will save you a lot of time + stress on the day you visit.

If you find this blog helpful and use it to style your outfits, I’d love a tag in your post! Tag me @tiarahargrovephotography or Tiara Hargrove Photography. Want to learn how to feel more relaxed on camera? Check out my blog series, “How to be Comfortable on Camera.”
Couple, In sunflower field

July 13, 2023

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